6 Keys To Save Your Time & Money

(People make when arranging their own approval)

1. Using qualified Design and Drafting service for your process;
2. There are other options for approvals beside go through the council;
3. Try to understand well the planning and building controls for your submission;
4. Make sure you got the advice from the council in writing or you will not follow the instruction properly;
5. Do not prepare the drawing on your own without referring to the councils’ planning regulations and required list;
6. Call us for getting free advice before submission for a proper lodge in.

Plans For DA/CDC
3D Rendering

How It Works?

Concepts/Mood boards
Plan For Client Appoval
Full Plans For DA/CDC
Amendment, Payment & Issuing

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Coronavirus, Covid-19 Updates latest from VNdraft, Building design and Drafting services

We have short notification related coronavirus. Please take a look COVID-19  updates latest from us – VNdraft, Building design and Drafting services in New South Wales, Australia. 

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